How TribeSpring Works

This is a quick overview of how you can use TribeSpring to drive more referrals and build a more responsive network.

The Premise

To use TribeSpring effectively, you need to adopt a single perspective: The more you help others, the more they will help you. By giving first and giving often (helping others through introductions and referrals), you will have a stronger, more responsive network that expands faster with higher quality connections, and you will lead a more fulfilling life.

The Law of Reciprocity

The more you help others, the more they help you.

All of the networking books we’ve read say it works, and we’ve proven it out in our own lives: 100% of our sales came from referrals. That means less time working to find, pitch, and close a sale. It also means a more fulfilling network.
Once you understand and agree with that premise, you can then start making introductions for others.

Getting StartedScreen-3

Setting up a complete profile is important in TribeSpring. It’s simple and fast because you can import most elements from your LinkedIn profile and from your phone’s address book.















At this point, you have three choices:

  1. Import from Contacts – Imports your contact details such as name, address, and phone numbers.
  2. Import from LinkedIn – Imports your LinkedIn profile information such as profile summary and picture.
  3. Enter Manually – Type everything in and add your picture.

We recommend importing from LinkedIn first, and then updating your contact information from your address book. This is the fastest way to get accurate information.

Your contact information and profile will be used extensively when making and receiving introductions, and keeping contact information up to date.




The following images show the progression of importing profile information from LinkedIn, and editing the Introduction Phrase.

The Introduction Phrase

The Introduction Phrase is used to make instant introductions, and is referenced when people first see a connection to you. The phrase should start out:

[yourname] is…

This tells the other person a bit about you without having to wade through the entire profile.

























Pressing the Get Address from Contacts is the same as Import from Address Book. It imports the contact information from the address book (Contacts) that you select. The first image below shows a complete set of contact information, which people can use to contact you. The second image shows a complete profile.



















Finally, you will want to import your address book (Contacts) so that you can start making referrals. Just tap the Import Address Book button.

After importing your address book, go to Profiles and press the Refresh button (top right) to see your imported contacts.

Using TribeSpring


The Connect Screen (shown here) is your HQ for referrals.

Add New Person

Add people to your list of contacts by tapping Add New Person and then entering basic information.

Connecting will be simplified in the next release, where we will add location awareness and two-tap connections.

Accept Intros

Initially, the button will not work because you won’t have any pending introductions from others. Remember: the more you help others, the more they will help you, so go make some intros for others and see what happens.

Make Intros

This is where you make the introductions/referrals that will start filling up your Karma bar (we don’t actually have anything like that yet, although we may consider it in the future).

This is the most important button for driving referrals in your business and introductions to other professionals.

Track Intros

Once you’ve made or received an introduction, you will be able to see the details of it here. Tracking allows you to see who you’ve introduced, and who is introducing you.

In future releases, we will add the ability to track your top referrers (and even suggest ways to make them happier).