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    Craig Mathews

    Networking experts agree on the most effective way to increase networking effectiveness: Help others first.

    BNI calls it “Givers Gain”.

    Bob Burg calls it “The Go-Giver” (full disclosure – he says it’s about giving, not giving and expecting anything in return)

    We call it

    The Law of Reciprocity

    The more you help others, the more they help you.

    It’s what we figured out after years of networking the “wrong way”: Handing out cards and expecting people to bow at our feet and ask who they can introduce us to (or maybe something like that).

    The goal for the TribeSpring app is to make it easier to help others, which also makes it easier for them to help you. Give more, and more should come back to you. If you’re only interested in yourself, others won’t be. Take a step and make intros and referrals for others using TribeSpring, and we’ll help make sure you get some lovin’ too.

    After you make and intro, you can track it to find out if both parties accepted it. If so, kudos to you! You’ve just helped people connect, which is one of the most gratifying activities we can perform. Why? Because relationships are the true joy in life. And by making intros, you help others potentially find:

    • Increased sales
    • New job
    • New best friend
    • New referral partner
    • New life partner

    The list goes on. Reach out, help out, and watch what happens. In no time, you’ll be sowing what you reap: a richer life.

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