The TribeSpring Team

Craig Mathews
Craig MathewsCo-Founder, CEO
Craig is an innovator, serial entrepreneur, and business and marketing strategist. TribeSpring is an outflowing of his collaboration with Jeff Raxlin around networking effectiveness.

Jeff Raxlin
Jeff RaxlinCo-Founder
Jeff is a big thinker with a big heart. He enjoys helping people through his network, and TribeSpring is an outpouring of his passion.

Debbie Jessee
Debbie JesseeCFO
Debbie is a strategic thinker who just happens to have a CPA and CFP. She can be found teaching accounting and finance and giving workshops on the same. She has a unique perspective and grasp of the bigger picture.

Lalit Mahadeshwar
Lalit MahadeshwarDevelopment Lead
Lalit is CEO of Sateri Systems, but he has been so instrumental in our success, that he is considered part of the core team. With a background in large systems development, he has added tremendous insight and value to TribeSpring.



Nate Brown
Nate BrownR&D and Process
A recovering nuclear physics PhD, Nate applied his analysis to networking and quickly became a master networker. His insights and perspectives have benefited TribeSpring greatly.

Carol Linden
Carol LindenTeam Effectiveness
Carol is awesome people. She keeps our heads on straight, and makes sure that everyone “plays well together.” She is always ready with guidance, a smile, a laugh, and chocolate.

Katrina Williams
Katrina WilliamsDesign Intern
Katrina started working with TribeSpring in January, 2013, and has shown us how well The Art Institute trains their students. She is wonderful to work with, and we hope that we can keep her when she graduates this year.